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Readers Digest Re-Invention

Looking at change and finding opportunity. One family re-invents through a unique journey.

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Adventures_In_Roadschooling_3.jpgInnovative Road Schooling

How one innovator took ideas to the road...

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Leadhead Award Winner

Parent Magazine loves Wacky Watches from Leadhead inc...

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Innovative Product Award

Leadhead Inc. receives Sesame Street Parent Award for Innovative Product of the Year...

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Talking to the Boss

Interview with Wendi Ezgur, founder of Leadhead Inc., an innovation consultancy and think tank.

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Getting Away from It All

Wendi Ezgur, corporate innovation consultant plans to record the journey...

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Good_Sam_Club_Highways_2.jpgHighways - Good News

"We realized you only have one chance..."

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"Leadhead is the only company I recommend to businesses seeking help with developing innovative products and services. Wendi and her team are extraordinarily creative, yet able to balance that creative energy with sound business sense and a strong strategic outlook. Leadhead has the ability to turn an ordinary brand into an experiential brand that consumers are excited to engage with. Wendi is an ideal person to lead an ideation session. She comes prepared, and she is able to handle a wide variety of personalities and learning styles.

A quick review of the Leadhead client list reveals that they have delivered high level thinking for top brands all over the world. Leadhead develops strategic business building ideas with the means and network in place to make them happen. I highly recommend them."

Susan Shulman
Director of Operations - Metrist Partners
Chicago, IL

"Wendi Ezgur is a natural performer. I have seen her present to groups formally as well as informally. Her captivating style engages all audiences equally well. Wendi's incisive intelligence, keen wit, uproarious sense of humor, and brilliant creativity make a contagious concoction that's impossible to ignore. Name the time and place Wendi will present, and I'll be there."

Peter Lloyd, Author
Founder/CEO GoCreate.com 
Cincinnati, OH

"Wendi speaks from the heart and has a way of looking at the world that causes most of us regular folk to scratch our head and say, 'wow!' where did she ever come up with that? She has a warm and unique sense about what makes people tick. She'll make you laugh, think, and even more important, is her uncanny ability to find the humanity in your brand and leverage it to create a successful business strategy."

Gary Kopervas
Nationally Syndicated Brandtoonist
Marlton, New Jersey

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