Innovation means creating new value.


We have created value for...


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Here is how we create value for you.

Challenge Framing & Strategy

Identifying and framing your challenge correctly is the first and most crucial step to effective innovation. We look, listen, learn and apply innovation diagnostics to each aspect of your current business.

Discovery is what we like to call it. Simply, it means discovering how you differentiate your business from your competitors. This means looking for specific areas where your company can innovate based on who you are and what you do that makes you different. This is what people refer to as 'white space'. We will help you find it.


Idea Generation

Whether you need an innovative new name, product or service concept, we have 3 distinct idea generation methods to choose from:

Internal Idea Generation

We assemble a best in class team of expert ideators and professional designers who will immerse in your challenge and generate solutions for you to react to. Based on your feedback and/or feedback from target customers themselves, we refine and strategically optimize each accepted concept.

Online Global Idea Generation

Looking for solutions that involve different offices, thought leaders, and stakeholders around the country or around the world? Leadhead facilitates a unique online idea generation session that can involve top minds inside and outside your organization. It is a cost effective way to gather diverse input as well as invite a large number of participants without having to fly everyone in.

Ideation Sessions

Ideation refers to a specialized, in-person idea generation session. These sessions include members from different areas of your company in the room as participants. We design the session based on consumer insights and significant opportunity areas. We facilitate the sessions using proven creative techniques. Our team of professional ideators and designers provide an incomparable level of energy, idea fluency, and creative output throughout the day.


Whole-Brained Innovation presentations and workshops can be given to groups of 10 - 1,000. Each session begins with mapping the whole brain of the entire room! In doing so, each participant will identify his or her own innovation thinking style. Participants will then go on to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their specific thinking style as it relates to innovation. The workshop portion can address a specific challenge as participants gather into whole-brained teams to innovate around the challenge.



Case Studies

Absolut Cities / Absolut

Absolut needed to find a way to take shelf space back with so many vodkas competing for space. We helped identify the differentiating factor for Absolut... social credibility. That notion lead to a completely unique product line based on the sociability of great cities. 

Krazy Kandy/

Ideoplastos Toy Company

Krazy Kandy was an invention based on creating value for a fondant manufacturing company. Fondant is a cake decorating product that the company was only selling B2B. Leadhead ideated around this core competancy and was able to develop the fondant into a candy clay and create a toy product which Leadhead then licensed to a toy manufacturer.

Ball Park Deli Style/

Ball Park

Ball Park was looking to create value in the hot dog category with new brand extensions. Evoking the New York Deli tradition created differentiation for this hot dog and made it an instant favorite.

Eraser Jewelry/Pentech

Pentech came to Leadhead because they needed new back-to-school products for preschool and kindergarten children. Leadhead created an entire line of innovative, collectible eraser products.

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