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A quick review of the Leadhead client list reveals that they have delivered high level thinking
for top brands all over the world. Leadhead develops strategic business building ideas
with the means and network in place to make them happen. I highly recommend them.
— David Friedman, CEO at VividGro


I cannot recommend Wendi highly enough. I hired her to facilitate an internal meeting with my team, and from the very first moment, she made me feel that she had as much vested interest in this meeting as I did. She really truly partnered with us to make it a huge success. This came through in her willingness to do multiple prep calls, her multiple agenda revisions (that clearly incorporated our feedback) and the custom materials she prepared for our meeting. During the meeting she demonstrated multiple facilitation techniques, often leveraging different approaches for different members of the audience. Throughout the entire process, she was just a real pleasure to work with.
— Jeanne Strepacki, Sr. Manager at Deloitte


I’ve worked with Wendi on several ideation projects, at two different companies. She brings an energy and an enthusiasm to each project. She is a valued contributor to the process and is appreciated for her experience, expertise, adaptability, and talent for ensuring the best outcome possible. Her professionalism, organization, and big-picture, strategic thinking enhances the process and outcome.
— Susan Schulman, Owner at Metrist Partners


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Absolut cities | Absolut

Absolut needed to find a way to take shelf space back with so many vodkas competing for space.

We helped identify the differentiating factor for Absolut... social credibility. That led to a completely unique product line based on the sociability of great cities.

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