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Adapted from Sawhney, Wolcott & Arroniz 2006


Ideation Session

An Ideation Session is a customized, in-person idea generation session.

What Goes Into the Design of a Session? We listen and learn about all aspects of your business (see image above) and integrate available research including; consumer insights, sales reports and projections, competitive and trend analysis, and new technology. Next we work with you to identify the most valuable areas for innovation which become the foundation for the session design.

Who Participates in an Ideation Session? Sessions include members from different areas of your company and can also include experts, professional ideators and/or creative consumers. Our technographers are present to capture every idea generated plus the live discussions. Sessions are facilitated by Wendi Ezgur, a pioneer in the field and recognized as a top innovator in the country.

What is the Day of Ideation Like? We can design a half-day, full-day or two-day session. Using customized idea generation techniques, our team works together with your team providing an incomparable level of energy, strategic thinking and idea output. Additionally, we can locate and curate an interactive team experience to serve as an igniter for innovative thinking prior to the session.


Over the past 20 years, we have created a 4-step comprehensive process to yield the highest quantity of relevant, unique, trademark viable names. Our naming process can be done internally by our team or together with your team.

  1. Etymology - we use the origin and history of words to analyze roots of potential names and radiate out to cast a wide net

  2. Word Verticals - these verticals are a proprietary Leadhead process that result in uniquely associative and applicable names

  3. Naming Experts - we leverage our database of experts to exponentially increase the number and diversity of names generated

  4. Name Review - we accompany our list of names with a preliminary search highlighting the viability of each name option as it pertains to existing trademarks, products and businesses


As a professional public speaker, Wendi Ezgur enlightens audiences on what it takes to innovate and how to achieve breakthrough innovation. Wendi’s presentations can also include interactive elements such as conducting an idea generation technique with the entire room or mapping the ‘innovation brain’ of the room enabling audience members to understand their personal innovation strengths. Along with corporate speaking engagements, Ezgur has been the keynote speaker for the Innovation Research Institute’s annual conference, and she was recently chosen to give the Communication Commencement Address at the University of Illinois.