We begin by finding innovation opportunities for you

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Challenge Framing & Strategy

Discovery is what we like to call it. Simply, it means discovering how you differentiate your business from your competitors. This means looking at 12 specific aspects of your business to identify where fruitful innovation can live. This is what people refer to as 'white space'. We will help you find it.

Ideation Sessions

Ideation refers to a customized, in-person idea generation session. These sessions include members from different areas of your company in the room as participants and can also include experts and professional ideators. We design the session based on the discovery we conduct plus any research available that could include; consumer insights, competitive and trend analysis, and new technology. Once we have finalized the opportunity areas and objectives, we can design a 1/2 day, full day or two day ideation session. We facilitate the session using proven creative techniques. The team of professionals we bring to the session will work together will work together with your team to provide an incomparable level of energy, idea fluency, and creative output throughout the day.


Our naming process can be done internally by our team or together, with your team.

innovation presentations and workshops

Leadhead can give exclusive interactive innovation presentations to groups of 10 up to 200. Each presentation begins with mapping the whole brain of the entire room. In doing so, each participant will identify his or her own innovation style. Participants will then go on to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their specific style as it relates to generating and executing ideas. The workshop portion can address a specific challenge as participants gather into whole-brained innovation teams to generate ideas around the challenge.